My name Is Isaac Tochukwu Onah. My friends normally like to call me Zacky. I’m a full-time blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from this blog.

Growing up I was always a voracious learner with a penchant for travel. When I was in college I grew frustrated with the lack of real-world applications for the knowledge I was learning, and I was feeling anxious about becoming successful in the extremely expensive city of Lagos Nigeria where I grew up.

I worked a corporate job at a marketing agency for two years before realizing that I would never reach my life or financial goals working for someone else. In 2016 I started my own business, with the goals of living a low-stress life, making millions per year, and traveling the world. Since 2018, I have been able to achieve all these goals, consistently earning over 4-figures per year, and without having a single employee.

Now I live in Lekki, Lagos singularly, not married, and enjoy riding beautiful cars, kite-surfing, camping, and reading books.

On my blog, I talk about how to make money online, and Affiliate marketing.